GL Server
An EcoBuilder/Worldgroup/Rodopi/Platypus/ODBC/POP3/Standalone Add-on

The GL Server allows your client sides to be updated and downloaded from a web page. When you visit the web page the graphic will ask if you wish to download, update, or run/play the program, based on if you have played or downloaded the program in the past. If the program has not been downloaded, it will create the directories on the client side and place all files for the program into the directories set on the server side. If you look above you will notice a hierarchy structure for the directories that are created on the client side, and which files would be placed into those directories. The nice thing about the GL Server is it allows for some programs to change pieces, puzzles, icons, and graphics without having to download a new client side every update. For example you can change puzzles for Slide Puzzle whenever you feel like it, and it will just download the new puzzles on the client side allowing for easy updates to your programs without the need for a new client to be downloaded again when you just want to change one or two files. This also ensures that the client the customer is running is the latest version of the client that is available.

  Single Program Version $CALL  
  • Update 1 program.

  Multiple Program Version $CALL  
  • Update up to 50 programs.