GL Client
An EcoBuilder/Worldgroup/Rodopi/Platypus/ODBC/POP3/Standalone Add-on

The GL Client is an ActiveX control and similar to the one we use for the Chatter. The GL Client premium version allows the user to download all the applications from a centralized location. Instead of having to run one graphic per application, this client allows the user to download any application you are running from a convenient menu based interface. For our games, a user can automatically login with a username and password and play any of the games from the menu without having to type in their username and password again. We can also make the client into an exe client for those that have issues running ActiveX controls from web pages.

  Standard Version FREE  
  • ActiveX control used to download, update, and run a single application.
  • If you run the GL Server, one client is provided per game purchased. The GL Server screenshot displays an example of this control.

  Premium Version $CALL  
  • Client can be used to download, update, and run multiple applications from the same ActiveX. User can login with username and password and run all the applications without having to login again.
  • Backdrop graphics are changeable and can be made to suit your site.