An EcoBuilder/Worldgroup/Rodopi/Platypus/ODBC/POP3/Standalone Add-on

The Chatter is a multiple user chat interface that allows people to talk to one another via an activex control on a web page or as a client exe, for those that cannot run activex controls from web pages. The program has a built in profanity filter that you can customize that will allow you to make the program child safe if you wish. Users can take online polls via chat, whisper to one another, and chat via the text color you to choose.

  Standard Version (2002) $CALL  
  • 10000 chat channels in the chat window. Choose channel via number.
  • 16-color chat text color palette.

  Premium Version (2004) $CALL  
  • Chat channels are chosen via room name. The screenshot above shows the general layout of the chat interface.
  • Rooms can be created on the server side, or from the client side if you are a super user. Super users are set via the server side. Rooms can also require a password.
  • Chat using one of the 32bit color palette.
  • Can be used to connect ALL the games we create chats together. So you can now connect to Chatter and talk to our other game servers that you are running.