Chaotic Lands: Ansilon
An EcoBuilder/Worldgroup/Rodopi/Platypus/ODBC/POP3/Standalone Add-on

Chaotic Lands: Ansilon is an ANSI text based MUD game. Adventurers are placed in a game world that has been in turmoil for a number of years, since the collapse of the Ansilonial Empire. Ansilon is the only remaining city still under the control of the Army of Ansilon. It is a staging area for a counter offensive against the invading Horde of Chaos. With the help of the Town of Eibwen and the dwarfs that live there, reinforcements are being trained and recruited at an alarming rate. The only way the city stands a chance is if the races of light and dark join together and combat their common enemy, the Horde of Chaos.

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  • Over 6000 rooms, the starting area is over 260 rooms.
  • Over 500 items, including weapons and armor.
  • Over 500 spells and abilities.
  • NEW! Dynamic items have been added to make the game a bit more interesting.
  • NEW! Dynamic events have been added to give the owners some additional options.
  • 10 different races, all with unique abilities and statistics.
  • 6 classes that have 5 discipline each, totaling 30 sub-classes.
  • Over 500 different monsters types, with numerous bosses.
  • Room to room combat via spells and ranged weapons, such as the crossbow.
  • The game has 3 major cities, and numerous towns and villages.
  • Each class has inherent abilities. For example: A fighter can create non-magical armor and weapons. A thief can make traps. A mage can make magical items.
  • Players can setup shops in the city to sell their treasures, and use pets.
  • More add-ons will be released for the server in the future, including a building kit that will allow you to build your own areas and unique items.
  • RLogin is available to those running Worldgroup.
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