AD Server
An EcoBuilder/Worldgroup/Rodopi/Platypus/ODBC/POP3/Standalone Add-on

The Ad Server allows all the games that you purchase the ability to track ads within the game clients. A record of the number of impressions displayed and clicks on the links are recorded per Ad. The ads are separated per game so you have the ability to track, which ads get the most clicks, and determine which games get the most play based on the number of impressions. For an example of how the Ad box appears on the client side, view the screenshots for the client based games.

  Single Language Version $CALL  
  • Displays Ads to the clients of the other games.
  • There is a click thru and impression counter per Ad.

  Multiple Language Version $CALL  
  • Same features as Single Language version plus the extra features below.
  • This version allows for different language Ads to be displayed in your games. For example displaying Spanish Ads to your Spanish customers and English to your English-speaking customers.